Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Past Week In Lulu Land

Well, it's been a very quiet week, seeing as how I didn't have a voice for much of it, and I had just got it back when I got a bit carried away at Alpha and talked almost non-stop in the did we get from Evil an Temptation to Predestination?? Probably a topic for another time...
Then when I got back from Alpha I was supposed to be going to Sarah's to watch the video of Holby from Tuesday, but when I got there, Ed was there watching Lost, so I came back here and MSN'd with Lani for AGES...tried to sort some stuff out, but it doesn't really feel like I got that far. I promised her I'd go and talk to Tim today, but at this precise moment in time, I'm feeling too ropey to leave my room (chest infection + an Asthmatic = fun fun fun). As I concisely explained it to John last night - can't stop coughing so take Ventolin, Ventolin makes me drowsy, try to sleep, but can't stop coughing. Oh the joy of it all.
I'm supposed to be doing Welcome at Cell tonight, with the inevitable trip to Medicine afterwards...I do want to go, but if I don't wake up and start feeling better during the day, the diea of staying in and curling up in bed to watch a DVD is sooooooo tempting....apparently we have "cell parents"...but I've never met ours...should probably try and do that soon...will do it on Sunday (aswell as talking to Mark...)
Hmmm, should probably cease this procrastinating and go and do some work - got half a novel and a whole Shakespeare play to read before tomorrow...clearly not going to happen, but might as well try my best!!

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