Friday, November 18, 2005

All is well in the Land of the Lulus

No, really. It is. Makes a change I know, but things do seem to be cruising along quite nicely. Lani has sorted me out in case it all goes horribly wrong again, but atm, tis all goose (don't ask) Had a kinda boring week really - haven't left the uni bubble at all, not even to go to Staines...I REALLY need to get out more. Had a good night last night though - went to Crosslands after Alpha, which was SO much fun, even if Ben didn't stop mocking me all night (JOKE!!) (Careless words an all that tho...think about it...then say Got Cell tonight, which means Medicine afterwards. Which means ritual humiliation of me an Alice playing Pool with Chris an Lani...but secretly, me an Alice ROCK, we're just giving everyone else a chance *ahem*

Feel like I've been neglecting my Churcher's guys a bit recently, 'cept Beccybex and Menny...hope you are all :) and enjoying yourselves. You deserve to - we all worked hard enough (or otherwise, Yes Fletch, I mean you, Mr "I need EE to go to the Royal Northern") to get to where we are. BIG shout out an hugs to Jane - can't wait til I see you, an keep smiling coz we all love you LOADS!! Is this a picture moment??
Good times, good times. Miss you guys - we'll have to have another "sophisticated, grown-up" evening at Pizza Express (yes Nik, or ASK!) before Foggys or the Red...bring on Christmas!!
Don't have an appropriate photo for my St Johns cru, but bring on Sarah's party - will take TONNES (again)
Love you all!!

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