Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I've lost my voice...STOP LAUGHING!!!

I can't believe people find it so funny when I lose my voice and can't talk!! I don't talk that much...do I?? lol. Good job I'm in a good mood (30 hours sleep can do wonders for a person!!) Am now properly re-esconced (is that a word?? is now!!) in my cosy pit back at 'Swood (check my 'Swood cru...), chatting on MSN (as I do SO well) and procrastinating wildly...altho having been as ill as I was this weekend, I don't think working hard is the best plan of action (*ahem*)
Put loads of 'Dad' music on my MP3 player - Queen, Springsteen, The Floyd (although I've just discovered Wish You Were Here didn't work properly - TRAGEDY!!) and nicked some of my mum's stuff like Vangelis and Einaudi to bring a bit of culture to my student life...how cool am I?? (Not very, I hear you say...)
So far, this blog can't really compete with the class that is Lani's "Tales of the House of Spiders" but I'd like to think it comes pretty high up there...no?? oh ok, I'll go now then...

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