Wednesday, November 05, 2008

10 Ways To Tell I'm A Real Adult Now

1) I have a tax code

2) I get up, wash, dress, make lunch and leave the house all before 9am

3) I eat salad out a tupperware and drink Diet Coke for lunch

4) The phrases "touch base" "heads up" and "let me check my diary and get back to you" creep out of the office and in to everyday life

5) The payments IN to my bank account very nearly cover the payments OUT

6) I wear a suit most days of the week & as such, ironing shirts is a now a valid week-night activity

7) I don't go on Facebook between the hours of 0830 and 1830

8) I have a lunchbreak where my personal phone goes crazy for an hour

9) 1730 is my favourite time of the day

10) I have a daily commute may be it will stop feeling like I'm pretending soon!!

Love, etc


Don't Drink the King's Wine said...

I can totally relate to the pretending feeling! Just today, I was all proud of myself for putting together a petition under a strict timeline (I know, a real page-turner)...till all of my "little" mistakes due to inexperience reared their ugly heads. Voila! Pride sufficiently flushed down proverbial toilet. :o)

I should have imitated Pinnochio and said, "One day, I'll be a REAL lawyer!"

Blue Eyes said...

YAY for the job! What is it? Maybe facebook me and tell me all? I'm so excited!

I like to say that I'm an adult but not a grown-up. There is a HUGE difference!