Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Things

Yes, life is often about the big all singing-all dancing stuff, but sometimes, its the little things that make you smile.

My current favorites from the last few days...
  • having forgotten, being reminded how Profound Admirer has THE most comfortable sofa in the world
  • major excitement over new tech toys in the shape of Jim The Drummer's new Kit
  • how much hot chocolate and late-night bonding with the Landlords of Dreams can make me feel at home
  • how exciting impulsive plans are, particularly if they involve Monkey's burgers
  • also being reminded how truly adorable Profound Admirer's little one is now she's in PJs with a little duvet all of her own instead of her grow bag
  • that stopping to actually TALK to Mr Skins can bring a whole new perspective on it all
Nothing earth-shattering. But all pretty special to me in their own way. Today's gem of advice - don't overlook it. Just smile and enjoy.

Love, etc

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