Wednesday, November 12, 2008

To all the non-believers...

The Saffa is forever ripping it out of me for blogging...he tells me that its for self-absorbed self-interested people who think that everyone else cares what they think. Now, I love my pretty pink blog to bits, so normally I just beat him and be done with it, but it does occasionally make me wonder why I blog - am I just a self-absorbed self-interested person who thinks that everyone else cares what I think??

Be that as it may (although I'd argue that its not...) Dawson Trotman finally solved this issue for me by pointing out (through Rick Warren) that

"thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through your fingertips"

and its true - often it can be so helpful getting your thoughts out of your head and rearranging them so they form some semblance of sense to someone looking stops my head exploding at least!!

So yes, to the non-believers, that is why we blog. That, and we do quite like the sound of our own thoughts...

Love, etc.


Tim Michael said...

Lulu - that is a fantastic quote from Rick Warren - I totally relate. What is so incredible is the notion that an infinite God has a crush on us and makes our journey with Him personal.

I had a "prophet" from New Zealand whom I had never met before sort of randomly tell me that he could see a giant knot of frustration in my gut (I just thought it was Mexican food).

He said he had this beautiful picture of God "untangling" the knot. WOW. So when I hear someone use that same type of analagous reference, my ears perk up.

While He continues to untangle me from me He is fatihful to point me back to Him and then to others. The Kingdom is ultimately the focus. It can be really difficult when you're knotty. Ha.

I discovered your blog by weaving through "Stuff Christians Like" and "Crazy Brit Heaven" Chocaholic.

Keep writing and untangling.


Blue Eyes said...

Blogging is great because when there is a lot going on in your head, writing helps you sort it all out and know where you're at.

It's good to express yourself too, it helps to ease frustration and vent thoughts...

See this pic:

Blue Eyes