Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Tables Are Turned... (a.k.a Fit For Purpose part 2)

When RJ & Sound Man sat me down and taught me about me about gain theory and condenser mics and sound desks and every type of cable under the sun, I never in a million years thought it would lead to me teaching anyone anything ever. Yet in the space of 2 days, I've delivered a mini-lecturette on pan-pots, instructed FAR too many children in the correct etiquette of a Tech Gallery and been given two prefects to train as Junior Technicians. Oh, and been asked to help deliver the "technical" side of a new diploma the kids are starting in Creative and Media Studies *PANIC FACE*

How can I teach something I barely know myself?? What do I have to offer about the role of being a technician?! Why do people keep treating me like an adult when I'm really really not?! (Clearly I am doing too good a job of pretending...) But in all seriousness - I never expected that I'd have to share what I know in any kind of formal setting, let alone stand in front of 27 kids and start their introduction to Technical Theatre. I've barely finished my own.

There is, however, a part of my brain that is pointing out that that is just exactly what we're meant to do with our knowledge and things that we learn - pass it on to others. I've blogged about the Parable of the Talents before, particularly in the context of my work, so I guess this is just another nudge to remind to stop hoarding and start sharing. Clearly this year is going be very little to do with resting on my laurels and quite a lot to do with getting fit for the next purpose that He has in store for me.

Love, etc.


r.a.h said...

It pretty much is about pretending until you suddenly find yourself doing it and not being scared. One tip = don't let on to the kids that you are terrified/nervous/wish you were anywhere but there... :)
p.s you'll clearly be fab anyway!

LeLe said...

I felt like this when I started teaching Sunday School to girls in 10th-12th grade (not sure what your grading system is--basically 14-18 year olds). I also felt like a fraud when I was in grad school. Clearly I was meant to be there, considering I received a 4.0 grade point average (the highest marks possible) and graduated with honors. I think we all have doubts about ourselves, but God puts us in places that make us uncomfortable so that we have no other choice but to rely on Him.

Good luck with the teaching! I know you'll do great.