Thursday, June 04, 2009


What is an achievement?? Watching The Apprentice semi-final made me think about this quite seriously.

One of the candidates was talking about what it would mean to her to win, saying that she would be able to prove to herself and her family and her daughters that she was more than what she'd achieved so far in her life.

I was surprised at my own reaction to that comment - I have one of the clearest career goals of most of the people I know, and a lot of people would probably think, understandably, that my career is one of the most important things to me in my life. When I heard Lorraine say that though, my first thought was for her girls - maybe its just me, but when I have children, THEY will be the biggest achievement of my life.

Last Night of the Proms will be epic, but my life won't have been pointless if I never get there. I might never get there - part of me worries that I'm not ruthless enough to get to the top, but I know that ultimately, that's not the most important thing to me.

JEB once called me laughably traditional. I think he was probably right. An achievement in and of itself.

Love, etc.

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Blue Eyes said...

This post reminded me of the quote about life not being the end goal, but the journey to that end goal. Life is everything that happens in between the start and the finish. Your life can't be summed up by where you end up on your last day, but all the things you have done to get there, all the obstacles you have overcome, all the decisions you have made and all the fun you have had!

Blue Eyes xx