Sunday, May 24, 2009

Setting the summer out in style

Summer '09 is going to be good. Possibly better than good. I have a small inkling that its going to be the best ever, if only for these three reasons:

1) celebrating the end of my first term at work directing lighting here:

2) Spending a whole week in the sun with The Drummer (& his LOVELY parents) here:

3) Going back here after 3 years away:

There's also three weddings, plenty of time spent in Egham with my extended family and the small matter of a Take That tour with Sound Man.

I'm pretty sure there'll be a whole lot of this kind of behaviour too:

and hopefully some of this:

DEFINITELY some of this:

and most likely a WHOLE lot of this:

Bring it on.

Love, etc.


r.a.h said...

And where exactly does time with your littlest one factor into all this...? :p

Beautiful Intellectual said...

The messing around in the park, the punting, the swings & the eating of the food, OK? :p