Thursday, May 07, 2009

Coffee & Chat (part 6)

I always thought turning the other cheek was a lesson about humility and submission. Turns out its not. Not really.

Turns out that if someone is struck with the back of the hand puts them in their place as a servant, but if you turn the other cheek, that forces the person to strike you with the flat of their hand, the move of a fair fight, which places you as their equal. If someone demanded your cloak and you gave them your undergarments too, they would be causing you to be naked, which was one of the biggest taboos of the time and put them firmly in the wrong for asking it of you.

And as for going the extra mile?? Did you know that Roman centurions were allowed to make the local peasants carry their packs while they marched? But that if the peasants passed out/collapsed whilst doing so, the Centurion would be court marshalled??

Its amazing how fresh a perspective can be brought to a situation through an understanding shoulder to cry on, a cup of coffee and some tlc

love, etc.


Nessa said...

Wooow. I want to copy and paste this onto my blog, so insightful!..i wont copy it though. ;) This def. brings about a fresh view on things!

LeLe said...

Thanks for the lesson. I always like to know the history behind things...and we should totally do that swap thing. My email is Email me!

Bluebelle said...

Laura we miss you in the blog world. Come back soon! x