Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I saw this..

So a few years ago (possibly a good few years ago) the Royal Mail ran an ad campaign around the idea of "I saw this and thought of you" Obviously you were to then send said thing to said person via Royal Mail. The cynic in me saw this for what it was - a blatant plug to get more revnue for the Royal mail as email and other forms of virtual communication were on the increase. However, the increasingly (vomit-inducing) soppy side of me actually loves the idea. How many times a day do you see something that makes you think about someone, or reminds you of a situation with a person, or a memory of a certain time? Answer - often. Daily. More than daily. Very regularly at least.
Yesterday alone I had the following:
  • reading a magazine to be confronted with a double-page spread of turquoise dresses and accessories that made me think of Blue Eyes.
  • playing Top Golf with The Drummer & being reminded of going to play this time last year with my Littlest One & the now infamous "BUT THAT'S NOT MY BALL" incident.
  • Watching Family Guy and hearing someone pity the fool, Mr T style & feeling the need to txt (soon to be) Mr Bean & remind him of our afternoon of bonding while he got his (Mr T) outfit for Bean's 21st.
and I'm sure there were many more.
BUT. How often do you then do something about it? It doesn't have to be to send the thing to the person, but to acknowledge it in some way? A txt. A message. Opening your mouth and telling them. Its not that difficult to make the effort & make them smile. And it might just make their day.
Love, etc.


macm said...

I like and I shall.

No Angel 86 said...

"I've got ham but I'm not a hamster"? :P

Blue Eyes said...

Yay turquoise!

There are lots of songs that remind me of people, I tend to then text some of the lyrics to said person so they know I'm listening to it and thinking of them...

Much love,
Blue Eyes