Monday, October 30, 2006

Just for Paula...

Seems to me that this blog title should be something more like "Just for Paula...again" or "Because Paula never shuts up". Or maybe "Because Paula is lovely and wants to read my mindless drivel"

Despite claiming to have nothing to blog about, I seem to be doing ok so far!!!

Lulu Land has been a little hectic recently if I'm honest. Haven't really had time to stop and think about myself (woo, how selfless do I sound?!) and tbh, haven't had the *hugest* amount of time to spare for my friends either. Guess they'll start complaining if they don't see me enough...and that hasn't happened yet. Or maybe they don't want to see me so that's why they haven't complained?!?!


Who knows!? Actually, thinking about it friendships this year have gone a bit...odd. The people I thought I'd stay closest to from last year aren't really around so much anymore, and some of those I expected to drift away have got closer...strange really.
Other things that are odd about this year:
  • less actual work but MUCH more reading to do
  • everyone still being around from last year but not (If that makes any sense at all...)
  • everyone having coupled off over the summer leaving us singletons increasingly desperate (yes, I know desperation is unattractive but SERIOUSLY?!?!)
  • my Cell not being my Cell. Prayer Time without The Tisdall just isn't the same
  • being in a house rather than halls (the number of times I've tried to get a lift back to Kingswood after going out...)
  • having to walk halfway round England (ok, Englefield Green) to visit friends who I'm used to living 30 seconds walk from

Ho hum. Guess that's enough oddness for one night, so I shall once again take my leave of the blogosphere, leaving you with some profound thoughts:

Someday your Prince will come - mine took a wrong turning and is too stubborn to ask for directions!!

Dorothy asked the Scarecrow: How can you talk if you haven't got a brain?The scarecrow answered: Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.

Much love



Paula x said...

hmmm so apart from the ppl from last yr being around still, so I fit into any categories?

Actually I can answer that myself: the desperate singletons and the talking without brains!!

t said...

You should also consider the possibility that you haven't been around friends long enough for them to complain to you :-P

Rachael said...

my prince, I wish he'd hurry up and realise he's gone the wrong way!!!!

Anonymous said...
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