Thursday, September 21, 2006


So, testimony. If I thought writing it was hard, I should’ve thought what it would be like actually *doing* it…
Anyway, apparently I’ve got to tell you how I got to the point of wanting to be baptised. Well, I guess you could sum it up with the 3 stages of my Christian life…
Looking round the church, I can see the 3 distinctive groups of people who were involved in each stage, and that is partly why I wanted you all here – so you can understand how you helped me get to, well, right now I guess!!
I first became a Christian in Anna’s Sunday School class when I was about 11…Introducing group one – Everyone here at Drift Rd – Anna, Paul & Sandra, Stan, the whole church family. Everyone.
But then somewhere along the line between 11 and 17, various things meant that when I was ill during the winter of my Upper 6th, I decided, in response to a long talk with my mum about how God would never give me more than I could cope with, that I should "put in some effort on my part". I guess that’s a fairly unorthodox approach to a relationship with God, but there we go!! Mum & Dad aren’t the only people in group 2 though…about the same time I had this discussion with my mum, I was also having some extra physics lessons with Mr Hoe for my retake, and although a couple of people had told me he was "religious" and "did all that church stuff at the weekends with his wife and kids", I’d never asked him about it. The day before my retake, I was very scared (just ask him; I’m not the world’s best physicist) he asked if it would be ok if he prayed for me that night/the next day "because he believed in all that stuff". Something prompted me to tell him that I did too, but the thing I remember most is how impressed I was that he could speak out like that with no idea of my reaction, and I decided that I wanted to be able to do that. One day. I’m still waiting, but I’m sure I will one day!!
So, group 3. Group 3 nearly didn’t get me. I mean, its been said to me so many times now that going to uni will make or break your faith, and when, before I went, Mum & Dad were looking up churches and trying to find out about the RHUL CU, I was less than half-hearted in my reaction. I went to St Johns on my second Sunday because Mum & Dad had found it and it looked alright, and as soon as I walked in, I got pounced on by Susie. I’ve never seen anyone so excited to meet new people, but her welcome meant that I never looked anywhere else AND that I kept going to church. There was definitely some sort of God thing happening in my first few weeks at uni, and when I stop to think about it, I’m still amazed but VERY thankful. Little did I know that less than a year later, I’d be elected President of the Holloway CU and would be helping plan the Student Alpha course for the coming year that had made such a difference to me when I was a Fresher. Mark, Tim, Steve & Alison, Lani and SO many more…I can’t thank you all enough for how you’ve all helped me.
I told my Dad last week that my testimony was turning into an Oscar speech, and I was only half joking. There are so many people who helped me on this journey from the kid who could take or leave church to where I am right now. Looking back, I can see all the people God put in front of me and how patiently he waited and kept giving me these people, knowing that one day, I’d be standing here doing my testimony in front of them all…that’s pretty amazing. So now, trusting the Lord as my Saviour, I want to take the next step in my Christian life and be baptised.


Heaven said...

And I'm still SO excrutiatingly proud of you schatzi xxxxx

Anonymous said...

hello, queen of the regular blog? I know you're around as you just left my house, so BLOG! P x