Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Future Of The Blog...

So I'm just sitting here, blogging away. But am starting to wonder...how relevant is my blog anymore?? I mean, since Facebook has added it to my Facebook page, no one comes to the proper blog page, no one sees it in all its pink and purple glory, no one comments on it anymore :( Has facebook casued my blog to die a slow and lonely death. Or do I just need to get out more?? lol.

Having put a lot more thought into this blog than the last one (and also being slightly less exhausted than I was for the last one) means that I might be able to write in more depth about what I got out of the Holiday Club. I mean, yeah it was great fun, and was really nice to spend a week living with Lani and Jo, I made so many friends that week, with both the kids and the adults, and some of those friendships I hope will last long past the end of the summer and hopefully in some cases even longer than my time at uni. I am really beginning to feel a part of St Johns now. I've always felt part of the student group, but now I feel like I'm becoming a member of the church community as a whole.

But on a not-quite-so-deep-and-meaningful thought, Rome was AMAZING!!!! Was really good fun...I was amazed at how big St Peters and the Colisseum are...and how dirty your feet can get walking around barefoot on your breakfast terrace *sigh* jetspa baths...lol.I love it. And ohhhhhhhh, HOW lush is Italian Ice-cream??? And *how* lush are Italian Policemen?? *AHEM* I meant Pizza. Italian PIZZA... "uno proschiutto e mozzarella pizza per favore??" good times. And just as a point of information for anyone whom this may concern (bridesmaids, husbands etc etc), I'm going to Rome for my honeymoon. After watching a guy propose to his girlfriend in front of the Trevi Fountain, I've decided its the most romantic city in the world and I want to go back :)

And since Rome?? Not so much!! lol. Lots of faffage in Egham with house stuff. Lots of faffage at home with CT stuff. Back in Egham for good now with lots of faffage for everything. But I love it.

The Royal Land Of Holloway still rocks. So do the people. So do I



Heaven said...

I love your pink and purple glory!!!

And casued? Caused much?

Love youuuuu

TheDrummer said...

Hmmm, Rome for honeymoon, that's a good idea.....:-) x