Friday, March 10, 2006

Ho hum...

Well well well. Where to begin?? The last few weeks have been really rather uneventful (apart from last night, more of which later). TONNES of work, and I mean literally TONNES. Definately a physical as well as metaphorical weight on my shoulders at the moment. But still. We don't complain. much. lol. I'm actually considering looking in my diary to see if anything has happened since my last blog *searches for said dairy* but the saddest thing is, the most exciting thing I've done in the two weeks or so since my last have coffee with Lani and Nao. Don't get me wrong girlies, it was a very fun time, but it shows how much of a life outside the uni bubble I don't have at the moment!! I need to get out more.
Actually, having said all that, some very good things have happened to those around me...Mark was inducted into his new church, which was all very Anglican and faffy, but still quite interesessting, especially as we had banners :) Go Paula and Jo!!! And of course, the Exec Elections where John got voted in as Welfare Officer. That was a *very* nervous few hours waiting for those results, followed by a few very fun hours of celebrations.
Elections. Funny we should come to talk about them...which leads me nicely (humbly and modestly) onto last night...CT elections. I thought it would be a good idea to stand for President. So I did. And didn't realise until I walked back into the room and the union bloke was opening his mouth to tell me I'd won that "I WAS GOING TO BE IN CHARGE OF A SOCIETY". But I won. So now I am!! And it's SO exciting!! Scary, but exciting!! Had my first meeting as "President" with Tim today, and I think it's going to be an AMAZING year...I've got a brilliant committee to work with, so I'm looking forward to getting to know those people I don't know so well better and getting on even better with the ones I do know. We then followed the elections with Cell, and it was mos def one of the best yet. Love it.
So yeah, its all good really!!
Until later fellow bloggers...

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Heaven said...

Awww coffee was fuuuun and yes, cell I would agree was best yet. And President? Wahey! Gonna be fun working together! :D xxx