Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just for Paula

Paula wanted to me to blog again. So here it is - the past couple of weeks in Lulu Land:
Well, technically *still* recovering from the Weekend Away...still got backache (which has today also developed into *chronic* neck ache :( , still really quite tired...never quite got the hang of early still haven't really caught up on the 20 or so hours sleep I missed over said weekend. But still, the miracles of modern make-up cover the bags under my eyes, so all is not lost!! And anyway, Lani has made me promise to be in bed before midnight every night during I've gotta enjoy my last few late nights before that begins!!!
Hum...other than that, not much has really happened. Been working *very* hard...saw my tutor and came up with a few strategies to stop trying to be a perfectionist and act like you're a first year etc etc. Also been getting lots of very lovely support from everyone else, which was nice. The hideous complication has all but gone...our friendship is still there, my heart is almost intact again and things are definately on the up :)
My St John's Cru went Ice Skating on Tuesday...VERY funny...Johnny had his camera, and got a video or two (or ten) of us all at various stages between flat on the ice (Paula) and immense skating action (Tom P and Sacha and Rach). I think I fell somewhere in between (not literally, altho that did happen once), but in my defence, the time I almost fell over wasn't my fault - Paula skated into Ben, and he decided that my arm was the preferable thing to hold on to to stop himself falling over. The time I did fall over also wasn't my fault...honest!!!! lol.
The only thing of excitement that has happened since then....I'VE GOT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! I'm now no longer homeless for next year, and its not in the ghetto!!! Woohoo!!
And that's about your lot
Until next time fellow bloggers...

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Paula x said...

I love the name of this post. But I think that your whole blog should be titled "just for paula." No, the whole world should be called "just for paula", so I would then take my rightful place as centre of the universe. *happy sigh*