Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This might seem like a bit of an echo of Lani's blog (WOW!! Paula has just MSNd me to say I need to blog again...just as I'm writing this! madness) Anywho, the point of this blog: what I should have done long ago and what I should say to people a lot more than I do...
In no particular order really, just as my thoughts take me...
Lani - my uni mum. She really really is. This week I've had a mini regression with my hideous complication, and she's been there 100% and didn't even tell me off for missing my curfew (again!) when I was trying to sort things out. She's just Lani, and she's amazing in every way...she even organised a mammoth operation to make me a birthday cake at Cell last week without my knowledge in any way...she is amazing and I love her to bits.
Sarah N - my other uni mum. She keeps telling me I can go to her any hour of the day or night with my problems, and when other people tell her that I've been upset, she gets upset that I haven't gone to her. THAT is friendship. When someone so chronically busy as she is can still find time to get upset that I haven't gone to her with a problem...words are actually failing me at this point, but she knows (I hope) that its just me giving her a little break from my woes by taking them to someone doesn't mean I love her any less.
Nao - lots and lots of special housemate love to my Nao...a rubbish liar but one of the best friends a girl could have. Always there without fail, and ALWAYS patient with me, even when I'm making a mess of things. Or reading invisible *ahem* subtexts into conversations that aren't really there. Good job she's on my committee really, I need someone to keep me organised!!
Laura P - I've been a rubbish friend to you recently...and yet you're still there for me when I get upset very late at night and need a cuddle. For keeping me sane in Novel and Poetry lectures...I love you so much, and I *will* be better next term. I'm not making excuses, coz I've *never* been the kind of girl to let a guy come between me and my girls, so I'm not gonna let ANYTHING come between us, you're too special.
Jo B - my uni big sister. And she really is. If I could chose any sister in the world, it would be Joey. She's such an amazing person, we struggle together, laugh and cry together and generally spend far too much time procrastinating together when we should be working.
Paula - who has gone remarkbly quiet on MSN just now...but she still gets a mention. I've got to admit, Paula always intimidated me slightly when I first met her. Now I know she's just mad. Lovely. But mad. If there's one person guaranteed to make me smile when I'm down, its Paula, and that is such an amazing quality to have in a friend.
Ben, Chris Tis and Tom Page - not quite sure how, but you three have the amazing ability to always, without fail, make me laugh, however stressed or upset or angry I am, you guys just crack me up (that is a *really* good thing btw!!) It's gonna majorly suck next year when Chris and Ben have left...but until then, keep it up guys!! It's good for my mental sanity if nothing else!! (Special note for Chris Tis - your MSN names are actually starting my day with a smile every morning!! You're a legend too)
Tim Rose - I doubt he'll ever read it, but I thought I'd give him a mention anyway. He's been amazing this term, despite always assuming that I'm in some sort of mess through my own actions...when I turn up in his office going, "Tim, Help" I'm met with "Why? What have you done now?" But all jokes aside, his help in the last few days with my hideous complication has been brilliant and I wanted everyone to know how thankful to him I am for that.
Chris, Lani, Nao, Rhian, Hannah, Alice - my cell. Some of you have already had individual mentions (oooh, aren't you special!!!) (Well, yeah, that is the point of this blog entry) but as a group I wanted to make a special point - I have never *ever* felt as loved by one group of friends as I did last guys are so special to me, and I'm gonna miss yous all *so* much next year when we aren't in the same cell anymore!!!
I think that's about the lot!! Sorry to get so emotional, but as I was just saying to Paula, I was overtaken by a mood and felt that I should maybe say some stuff that I haven't said to you guys in a while. I don't say it often, but I really do value you all *so* much, and I know how lucky I am to have you all around me
Big Hugs all round...feel free to come and see me for a proper one anytime yous all like
love always


Paula x said...

Wow! I got a mention. Thank you! love u xxx

Nao xx said...

*big hugs*
Awww, love you soooo much and am looking forward to living with you next year LOADS. :D

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Laura, you sweetheart, I'm in the middle of writing an essay at the moment and as you so correctly guess, I started procrastinating and came on this- cheered me up no end to read your blog! I love you heaps too my girl, and will miss you next year too, but I promise wherever I am in the country, the world or the Universe, I will come visit you, and make you come visit me....keep being so fantastic! Big Sis xxx