Thursday, January 05, 2006

Apologies (again)

No, its ok. I haven't died from MSN withdrawal...I've been spending quality time with my

First, I need to apologise to my surrogate big sister Jo B...I missed you off my big ol' "I Love Everyone" blog that I did the night before I left the Royal Land of Holloway (btw, was it Susie or Paula or Sarah N who started calling it that?? It's catchy), so sorry honey, I do indeed love you heaps...

And another apology to the wonderful Miss Sarah Leaford. I've neglected you horribly this holiday, I will make it up to you when we get back...

And to my Beccybex in Rusky...when we agreed to at least email every day...I failed you. But there we go. See you back in sleepy ol' Petersfield soon (before you jet away to New York...)

Anywho. Christmas. Well, as I said before, I haven't been doing much. Eating and sleeping. And watching lots of tv with my new set-top box that Santa brought me (Thanks Dad). And just generally doing lazy non-uni stuff.

Oooh, I've done lots of clothes shopping aswell...went to Soton with Menny - I navigated, she drove and we got to the West Quay Car Park in one piece *nods proudly* then yesterday we went to Guildford but she knew where she was going so I just played with the radio. I love my Menny-girl and can't believe I 'm not going to see you again until April!! How do I cope?? lol. I'm seeing James on Monday (more shopping at Gunwharf Quays) and then I'm working my backside off to try and get all my uni work done...NOT gonna happen!!!

So thats about it. Except I'm going to do another million posts today with all the random stuff I've been meaning to shove on here but haven't.

Laters y'all


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