Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So Much To Say, So Little Time (Seems to be the story of my life)

Wow. OK, where to begin??? Last weekend was, once again, one of the best ones yet. Me, Jo, Ben and Chris were ushering at the College Carol Services, which was really fun...gave me an excuse to dress up a bit. It was so odd being at a Carol Service and not being in the choir. I was tlaking to my mum the other day, saying how I didn't feel Christmassy yet, because Christmas for me means Carol Concerts at St Peters, and more recently decorating Ramshill. I know now that there are going to be many new Christmas traditions, and that school is now firmly behind me, but the services made me strangely nostalgic for last year. I've also realised recently how much I miss music. When we were ushering for the Kings Chamber Orchestra concert back at the beginning of December, I realised how long it had been since I had been rehearsing for and playing in a concert, and just how much I missed it. Going from Wind Band, Orchestra, Jazz Group & Choir to nothing was quite a change, which I thought I'd welcome, but turns out I don't.

Anywho...I'm not in a deep'n'meaningful mood today (too tired (more to follow as to why) so moving swiftly on...Saturday evening was the Kingswood Christmas Formal which was SOOOO much fun
All the girls got ready up here, and it was so nice just to all chill out together and do hair and make up and just be really girly. They all looked beautiful, and it was just a top night. Particularly funny to see KT and Laura a little merry, because I hadn't seen that so far this term, so it made me laugh. Classic disco afterwards, doing the old Macarena and Saturday it.
Sunday was your usual chilled then pub for lunch then back to 'Swood for a bit, then the Carol Service. All good fun. But fairly nondescript as far as Blogging it goes.
Monday night was the St John Student Group Christmas Party, complete with Secret Santa. SO good...was really nice just to chill out with everyone and eat someone else junk food for a change. The highlight of the evening was probably watching Chris and Ben trying to do the clapping rhymes that we did when we were about 8 in the playground...they were concentrating so hard!! Bless.
And so to Tuesday night. Well, what more can I say?? The CT Christmas Social...LEGENDARY!! I took soooooo many photos, and so did Lani and Aimee and everybody else...there's gonna be some Bebo nickage going on soon I think.
It was such a top night...everyone looked amazing, and it was so nice to spend time with the people I haven't seen for AAAAAAAGES...
And the disco...well...I don't think its describable really. legends. All together now "Stop...HAMMERTIME"
I love all you guys heaps!!
Until we meet again...

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