Friday, May 28, 2010


People say a lot of the joy of something is in the anticipation. The waiting, the hoping, the dreaming. I'm anticipating many MANY things this year, not least my honeymoon. The very fact that I can go on holiday with The Drummer - something we made a decision not to do at all until after we were married, makes me so unbelievably happy. That he's taking me to my favourite city that I get to introduce him to. That he's taking me to my favourite hotel in said city. That I get to spend every minute, awake and asleep with him.

During the course of our relationship, we've often discussed and re-discussed our choice. There have been opportunities and temptations to change our minds, to take the nice, easy choice and go, but every time one of us reminds the other of our reasons for making the decision in the first place. The choices we've made back up our beliefs, and give no-one cause to doubt or question us. Denying ourselves the treat of going away together leaves our integrity as a Christian couple intact and without blemish. And it makes the anticipation of July even more special.

It's going to be the best holiday ever. If they ever get my flipping passport sorted out...

Love, etc.

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LeLe said...

It will be worth the wait. MK and I did the same thing, although we could have taken trips together before we were married. We were certainly both adults during our dating and engagement but we didn't want the temptation, nor did we want people talking about us and our choices when we were trying to set a good Christian example for our friends and family.