Sunday, February 21, 2010

Making Bread

An off-the-cuff comment this morning during the sermon this morning about the widow using a Kenwood mixer instead of making the bread by hand struck me in a way nothing has from the pulpit for quite some time.

In leafy Surrey, breadmakers are quite the thing to have. Home-made fresh bread gracing your table is a statement about your lifestyle, and now breadmakers give even the fullest of full-time workers that little extra homely touch with ease. No more hours kneading the bread mix and waiting for the yeast to rise; just bread in your hands an hour later. You can even get the bread mix pre-mixed - no need to even measure out the ingredients.

And it got me to thinking -a relationship with God is more than a little like making bread. Today's Christian society seems to have fallen into a "breadmaker" sitting, listening, taking rut - we go to church as the bread mix, and have everything mixed up for us at a minimum of personal effort and then expect the end product to be as satisfying as others tell them it is. It works, but how beneficial is it? A child will never learn a basic fact of human life by watching mummy fill up the breadmaker - they'll learn by getting their hands dirty and experiencing step by step the process of making bread. I for one never want to be in a position of saying to someone searching for Christ that "it just is" or "that's just what happens" because I don't have any experience to share with them.

When did society start telling us that the simplest, easiest way was the best? And when did we, as Christians, start accepting that that was true?

I think its time we got our mixing bowls out.

Love, etc.


LeLe said...

Great post. I think about this a lot as an American because it seems we have perfect the fast food, instant downloads, drive-through banking and whatnot. And as an impatient person living in one of these cultures, it's hard to slow down and experience life when every other responsibility that you have is pulling you in different directions.

Bluebelle said...

Haha. I think the choice for most people isn't make bread by hand or make it in the bread maker - it's bread maker or buy it. In which case, the bread from the bread maker tastes better. But you know, I look forward to eating your self kneaded stuff! :P

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Ha! But the breadmaker is still too hard! First you have to thaw out the frozen dough, and then the breadmaker takes three hours. Three hours of waiting patiently! ;)

brian said...

I have to say, I agree with you :)