Sunday, March 15, 2009

Funny how things turn out...

Bluebelle's little sister looked around our old university yesterday, and when we were chatting about it over lunch today, I asked her why she'd chosen it as a potential college for her degree. Her answer? "Because its really pretty" It was quite amusing, particularly as that's pretty much the reason her elder sister chose said university to study at. A quick straw poll round the table established that the majority of people chose it because "it was pretty" (even The Drummer) (although he protests that he didn't say pretty...) **

I have to admit that I, for one, wasn't keen on the idea of a London university. And by not keen, I mean utterly totally dead set against it. To the point of having a minor coronary every time someone suggested one of the London colleges to fill the last gap on my UCAS form. I didn't want to live in London. I didn't want to work in London. I just didn't want to be anywhere near London. The Best Careers Advisor In The World Ever refused to take no for an answer when she told me that RoHo was the perfect place for me. The ensuing conversation went something along the following lines...

Karen (because there was no way I was typing out The Best Careers Advisor In The World Ever every other line) : I think you should consider it
Me: But its London. I Don't. Want. London.
Karen: Stop being so stroppy with me. Go and look at the website and come back in half an hour a better reason for not applying than "I don't want to"

*loads website*

*slinks back in to Karen's office 2 minutes later*

Me: OK, so when are we sending off my complete UCAS form.

To give her her due, she's never once to this day said I told you so. And she totally could have done. Because she did. Just for that one little conversation, everything today could be so very different. Yes, she knew me very well and knew I wasn't going to fly off the handle at her pushing me, but even so, she still dared to push me. Who do you need to push today??

In my defence though, when faced with this

and this

its hardly surprising I caved.

Oh, and I'm totally over the London thing.

Funny how things turn out.

love, etc.

** the fact that two of the guys tried to claim it was chosen for course content is, I feel, slightly beside the point. They're boys. And at least one of them was fibbing (The other claimed monetary reasons, which were entirely utterly plausable...)


LeLe said...

Pretty sure I would have caved too. Gorgeous!

Nessa said...

Its beautiful!!! ..and you scored drummer boy out of it, seems like a sweet deal to me! ;)

Anonymous said...

Has to be said don't think I chose it because it's pretty I mean sure I thought it was pretty but wasn't the deciding factor... I think the grades I had to get swung it for me!

Michelle said...

It definately is a gorgeous campus. I think so everytime I drive past it.