Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lovely Day

Fulfilling my promise to Na to blog...wasn't in a blogging mood for the past few days, but had such a lovely day today that I am now back in the blogosphere :)
Dunno why today was so just was!! Had an exam yesterday, which was kinda stressful, but its over, so why bother stressing!!! Had a really nice evening with Sarah N last night too at Jeff's induction and a really good chat to Chris online after she'd gone. Very much feeling the love for my St John's Cru atm.
My procrastination skills are becoming finely honed by the challenge of exams...the closer it gets to the exam, the better my procrastination becomes. I'm getting very creative actyally...painting my nails...straightening my hair...commenting on Tim's GORGEOUS photos on Facebook (just to clarify that point - the *photos* are gorgeous, not Tim. Because that would just be innappropriate. And odd) (Really hope he isn't reading this...) But they are very gorgeous...had such a nice afternoon at Tim & Sarah's last Sunday just playing with small children...SO nice!!
But to get back to today (funny how talking about procrastination has meant that I was procrastinating from the topic...ironic, I'd say!!) Today. Got woken up at the fairly unearthly hour of 6.15, coz I hadn't shut my curtains properly and the sun was shining on my face. Obviously, I went back to sleep until the slightly more humane hour of 9.30...but being woken up by the sun is *so* nice...put me in a good mood for the rest of the day!!!! Had a very lazy morning doing naff all, then met Stina and my little Afro Matt in Crosslands for YUMMY lunch, then had a revision seminar for my Novel exam next week (okies, that wasn't amazing, but we can move swiftly on...) Went back to Crosslands and came across Hannah, Becca and John in the Quad and we walked back to Swood in the sunshine, via the Ice Cream shop. NICE!!! As John would say, we then "macked" in the sun outside for a while and then went shopping in Staines. Very chilled, and very lovely.
All in all, I'm feeling the love!!
muchos love
ps Blogging normality will be resumed soon...I will record my random thoughts on a much more regular basis NAOMI!!! *hugs*

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Nao xx said...

Muchos better, thank you sweetie! :D Glad to hear you aren't working too hard! xx