Sunday, December 26, 2010

So that was 2010...

So normally at this time of the year, I'd be writing a witty review of the past 12 months, explaining what date from 2010 would remain etched on my memory, or what the best thing that I bought was, but this year, I feel like a change.

Since "we" (for that, read "The Drummer") invested in a new camera, I've become increasingly obsessed with it (particularly the macro setting for taking arty-farty close-ups of things) as well as hugely enjoying the fact that my phone finally has a decent camera on it to document the less-important things of life (mostly via twitter, much to your collective amusements!) I've decided that in 2011, I want to develop this (limited) skill, and so, I've set myself the following two challenges:
  1. At some point during the month, I will actually use our camera to take pictures, hopefully getting in to the habit of actually using our beautiful piece of kit, which I will then post on my blog.

  2. On the last day of each month (or, you know, the closest to it that I'm sitting still for long enough to upload them) I'll post a collage of "Moments from the Month" captured on my iPhone.
So, in keeping with those challenges, here are a few of the highlights of 2010...

The Drummer, The Isle of Wight festival, Weddings, Holidays,
Family, Christmas

Snow, Food, Advent Calenders, Shoe Mountain, Games,
More food, Christmas Presents

So, 2011, lets see what you come up with...

Love, etc.


LeLe said...

Loooooooooove this idea and look forward to lots of lovely pictures from you.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Great idea - I'll look forwards to seeing the results :)

lucythevaliant said...

This is such a wonderful idea! And it looks like a pretty good year!