Thursday, February 03, 2011

Never will I ever...

Something upsetting seems to currently be sweeping the blogosphere - the use of one's husband/other half and his traits as "humorous" blog fodder. Reading blogs where the writers husband bed-making skills are mocked, or tweets where pointed comments are made about having to take the rubbish out when you get back from a trip because it hasn't been done while you were away really upsets me. Some of the people who do this have children, and in all cases, I'm sure both their partner and their parents could see what they were writing. What are they going to do when the children read it and start to treat Daddy in the same derogatory way? Where is his discipline then? And where is the respect for how your in-laws have brought their son up, whether you agree with it or not? How awkward is that going to be around the dinner table next time they come to visit? Whether you mean malice by it or not, those throw-away lines have their repercussions.

When I married The Drummer, I was pledging to become his biggest cheerleader, his absolute supporter in every aspect of our lives together. Our disagreements were to remain private and the examination of our faults were to stay well within our marriage. However much I may poke fun at myself through my blog or my tweets or my Facebook status, I will *never* use such public mediums to put my husband down.

Love, etc.

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