Friday, January 18, 2008

This is what happens after 3 hours of Philosophy...

So. Plato. Its not often I'm inspired to blog after a lecture. And even more rare for me to have a) done the work and b) agreed with the lecturer. So today is a day of firsts.

The concept is fairly simple...there is TRUTH. Then there is life, which is an imitation of TRUTH (and art, which is an imitation of an imitation...I like this sort of thinking!) But anyway. Truth. And imitations thereof.

Are our lives not just an imitation of TRUTH?? What we strive for, how we try to live, and what we want to achieve...all just "imitations" of the life we aim at...the ultimate TRUTH?

In this life, we will never measure up to or achieve this, but it can't hurt to keep trying. Right? After all, "His truth shall be your shield" (Psalm 91v4)

Or maybe I'm thinking too much

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