Friday, June 16, 2006

And so it ends. Again. But this time it really is over...

I thought, since this is my last night in Kingswood, I should do myself the honour of staying up until the early hours procrastinating on the internet. Am actually trying very hard not to get emotional as I'm writing this, because I never believed that I could get so attached to a place I didn't even want to come to. If someone had said to me the night before I left home last September that I didn't have to go, then I wouldn't have. And I'd never have met the people I now consider my best friends. I certainly didn't believe that I'd reach the end of the year and not want it to end. I want to go home, I miss home a lot, but I want to stay. I don't want people to leave, I don't want things to change.

A life without Snance, Lani and Jo seems like a very odd life, but this time last year, we'd never even met each other. I've met so many amazing people this year...Kingswood people, St John's people, random people who have become very good friends. This is what uni is all about...finding out who you are as a person and deciding what you want to become. I couldn't have done that this year without *all* you guys...but there are some that really deserve a special mention, some obvious, some less so!!!

Snance - ties for most obvious person to thank this year. So I'm not gonna hang around and get mushy :) I'm just gonna say THANKYOU!!!! I love you lots and lots and lots and then some more. I'd better see lots of you over the summer...clear out your diary after September 11th for a couple of days...if you don't know why, you don't deserve my friendship anymore *cough* apples & peanut butter *cough*
Lani - also another candidate for most obvious thanks. Awesome Cell leader, awesome friend. Just awesome really. I also love you muchly and will see you soooooooooooooooon my Roman holiday girly :D :D Or perhaps sooner (nudge nudge, wink wink)
Jo B - seriously, the best big sister a girl could have. I don't care whether she's actually my sister or not, she just rocks. I still haven't quite worked out what I'm going to do without her next year...get back to me on that one.
The Tisdall - another AWESOME cell leader, despite what he claims to the contrary. I don't care that he's had his own issues this year...they just meant he could understand mine so much better, and he knew what to say (And when I say I don't care he's had issues, that isn't quite what I meant!!) Plan A dude. You rock, and somewhere deep inside, you know that!!
Tim - another legend of this year. So so many times you've picked up the pieces and put them back together to form some sort of resmblance of me. At times, dunno what I would have done if you hadn't been there. Anytime you fancy a pint, the next one is on me. Its the least I can do, and it nowhere near symbolises how greatful I am to you for everything you've done this year. But its a start.
Becca - Mummy Becca who looked after me on my first night when all I wanted to do was go home. And who's continued to look after me since. Next year will SUCK without you and Hannah living 2 mins walk away from me...but I *will* still see you, and NO-ONE will stop that!! lol. Nuff said there I think!!! Love you mumma *hugs*
John - some may say an odd choice to thank, but I really want to say thanks for an amazing year. Things might have gone wrong now, but for a long time, you were one of my best friends, and I really value the times you were there for me. There were points last term where you kept me going, and elections night was one of the best nights I've had at uni so far. Take care dude, and maybe sometime we'll be able to work out our friendship. I hope so, but I'm not gonna force it.
Who else?? Hannah for all those Deal Or Not Deal sessions and just for generally being Hannah, Na for those late night MSNs and for being the most amazing housemate-in-training (as it were), my Committee who keep telling me I'm doing good, even when I continue not to believe them, Kathy for talking sense into me, and Claire for picking up the pieces after Kathy's tough love approach, my Name Twin, Rob, Jo, Sarah, Emma and all my other B block babes, my St Johns Cru, Ben K, Paula and Susie
So many special people, so many special memories. I actually can't express in words how I feel about this year. I've changed so much, mostly for the better. I've learnt SO much about myself, other people and the world in general. I've loved and had my heart broken; I've learnt to become more cautious about who I let in, but also learnt not to keep everyone out.

You grieve you learn

You choke you learn

You laugh you learn

You choose you learn

You pray you learn

You ask you learn

You live you learn


Heaven said...

Love you muchly beautiful girl!!!! Looking forward to Roma tooooooooo... see you tomorrow night - uni hasn't finished *quite* yet!!!! :D:D:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Bunny, I'll miss you heaps too, but I'm gonna be nearby I promise, and even if we can't see loads of each other when life gets busy we have far too many methods of communication than is neccessary to stay in touch so you can't get away from me.....

You've grown so much this year in so many ways and you should be nothing but proud of yourself- and that's an order from your big sis!

Love you beautiful xxxxx